Happy Eco

Redefining happiness.

Happy Eco, a health and wellness brand, is all about creating a happier world through personal care products that make a positive impact. They firmly believe that happiness should never be a compromise, advocating for simplicity and natural goodness. While they don't claim to revolutionize the world or solve global issues, Happy Eco is dedicated to making products that are not only kind but also exceptionally good. It's time for personal care to be straightforward, free of nonsense, and as natural as possible!

Our Challenge

Happy Eco, while familiar with the health and wellness industry, stepped into a highly competitive market. The challenge at hand? To stand out as unique and to be authentic. Our goal was to craft a brand identity that's not just friendly and honest but as genuinely happy and real as you are.

Our Insight

Ever encountered someone and immediately felt a sense of comfort? That's the essence we've carefully cultivated for Happy Eco's brand identity—welcoming, friendly, and consistently environmentally conscious.

Our Answer

We've created a brand identity that's not only fresh and fun but also warmly inviting. Positivity is seamlessly woven into our wordmark, radiating good vibes. Our colour palette further amplifies our commitment to health consciousness, making the brand a delightful and positive experience.

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