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Welcome to Floshe Creative, an independent fully integrated agency on the West Coast. We're a tight-knit team of experts committed to the art of crafting advertising solutions that seamlessly intertwine creativity and strategy. Our mission is straightforward yet impactful: we strive to empower businesses by merging innovative ideas with visually stunning designs.

Who we are

We are a team of doers and thinkers. We believe in the power of design to transform brands, enrich businesses and inspire those around us. This happens when you infuse a little strategy, creativity and good ol fashion storytelling. We are curious by nature, driven by human connection and fortunate to be able to create a positive change through impactful design storytelling.

What we do

Goes beyond the ordinary. Our philosophy is to take those big ideas and transform them into impactful experiences. That involves delving into insightful human truths that inspire meaningful strategies and create stories to connect people through the power of creativity.

We use the power of creativity to shape brands, inspire businesses, and connect people. We breathe new life into brands by blending bold insights with creative expertise. Whether it's an integrated campaign, a logo, or converting casual water cooler discussions into innovative ideas, we’ll craft the ordinary into extraordinary.

  • Integrated Campaigns
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Voice & Messaging
  • Iconography
  • Print Design

  • Interactive & Digital
  • Packaging
  • Website Development
  • UX & UI
  • 3D & Motion
  • Vehicle Wraps

We're all about human connections. We study meaningful insights and human behavior to inspire bold ideas. We listen, learn, and get curious with our clients and their audiences, shaping our approach. This helps us create memorable moments and tell stories that resonate, moving people and shaping brands. Our goal is to strengthen these connections, bringing about positive change for clients and communities alike.

  • Design Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Content Strategy

  • Research & Insights
  • Brand Strategy
  • Tone of Voice

We believe brands are meant to be seen and experienced. With personalized solutions and strategic expertise, we unlock new possibilities for business growth and transformation.  Our commitment to learning and adapting ensures we bring about positive change, implement best practices, and enhance overall experiences.

  • Interactive Experiences
  • Video & Animation
  • Integrated Production
  • Content Creation

  • Social Storytelling
  • Brand Launches
  • Editorial & Lifestyle Photos
  • Product Photos

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