Coast Capital

Kindness worth sharing.

Coast Capital is more than a financial institution; it's a community ally committed to fostering positive change. At the heart of our mission is a dedication to supporting and uplifting community causes. Through a combination of financial assistance, volunteerism, and a genuine commitment to making a difference, Coast Capital stands as a beacon of community support.

Our Challenge

Bullying impacts everyone. Nearly 40% of Canadian youth have encountered online bullying. How can we shift the narrative and raise awareness around this worthy cause?

Our Answer

We initiated a campaign to shift the narrative on online negativity, extending Coast Capital's anti-bullying work with #PinkItForward. On February 24, Pink Shirt Day, we prompted people to spread kindness using the hashtag. Each use of #PinkItForward meant a $1 donation from Coast Capital towards anti-bullying efforts. The hashtag gained traction, resulting in a wave of positivity and a 50% boost in donations compared to the previous year.

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