Where to?

Uber has changed how people move around by offering different transportation options. Whether you want a quick solo ride, to share with others, or a more premium experience, Uber has choices to fit your needs. It's a straightforward way to get around, giving you more options for your journey.

Our Challenge

In 2012, Uber made a brief appearance in Vancouver but left due to a legal challenge from the Vancouver Taxi Association. Following this, the provincial government imposed a ban on all ridesharing companies through various transportation regulations. Despite these challenges, Uber has returned to Vancouver. The focus now is on spreading awareness in the community about its comeback as an alternative travel choice.

Our Insight

While Uber wasn't the first, it sure changed the game, reshaping how we all view and use transportation. What makes it great is the simple app – booking a ride is super easy, and you always know the price upfront, no surprises.

Our Answer

We made a rider campaign with three visual styles: illustration, lifestyle, and navigation. It highlights the journey, the app, and the positive experience for riders.

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