Think before you act.

Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre is a beacon of support and care for children and youth facing abuse and violence. Committed to their well-being, Boost provides a safe haven where young voices are heard, and healing begins.

Our Challenge

Approximately 60% of people in Canada have reported experiencing childhood maltreatment before the age of 15, according to studies. Child abuse has risen in the last five years. It's crucial to teach parents about effective discipline methods and encourage kindness in every action.

Our Insight

Our goal is to promote mindful parenting, urging parents to be aware and kind in how they raise their children. Change often needs both action and reaction. Child discipline issues are usually ignored in daily life, but when we highlight them, people can see how serious child abuse is.

Our Answer

We used special ink in a mailer campaign to show parents the severity of child abuse. The postcards had children's faces, and when touched, the heat-activated ink made bruising appear. Our goal is to encourage open conversations about positive parenting and create a community where kids' well-being comes first. We want parents to adopt mindful discipline approaches.

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