The Foundation of Hope is an organization committed to creating positive change. The foundation focuses on promoting inclusivity, equality, and a brighter future for all.

Our Challenge

The Foundation of Hope helps LGBTQ+ refugees and newcomers in Canada facing hardship and discrimination, providing safety from countries where their communities are deemed immoral or illegal. They seek support through awareness and charity.

Our Insight

Strut Walk is a key event for the organization to raise funds and awareness for their cause. This annual walk brings like-minded people together, walking in heels as a symbolic gesture of solidarity for the LGBTQ+ refugee community. Walking a mile in heels isn’t easy, but living in fear of persecution for being LGBTQ is harder.

Our Answer

Our campaign makes use of heels to represent the struggles of authenticity in countries where the LGBTQ+ community faces challenges. With emotional call-to-action messages embedded into the sole of the heels, we're standing up for change and working towards a more inclusive future. The campaign led to a higher event turnout and raised over $50,000.

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