Science World

Bouncing into brilliance.

Science World sparks curiosity in Vancouver, educating children and the community through interactive exhibits and hands-on learning. It's a hub for exploration, inspiring young minds and fostering a lifelong love for science.

Our Challenge

Science World's 'Made in Canada' exhibit aimed to showcase and educate visitors about the country's notable inventions. From groundbreaking innovations to playful surprises, the experience was meant to celebrate these discoveries, turn a few heads and in our case bounce a few butts.

Our Insight

Featuring the Jolly Jumper in the 'Made in Canada' exhibit was a no-brainer — its historical significance, playfulness, and universal appeal provide a simple and engaging way for visitors to connect with Canada's inventive spirit.

Our Answer

To generate excitement, we went big. Crafting the world's largest Jolly Jumper, we suspended it within a specially designed 18-foot high door frame. For a single day, we welcomed big babies (the public) to take a leap into nostalgia, offering a bouncy experience like never before.

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