Hell Pizza

Summon the flavour.

Hell Pizza, the avant-garde pizza haven hailing from New Zealand, is celebrated for its offbeat and witty approach to marketing. Defying the norms of traditional pizza delivery, the brand is a pioneer in edgy and irreverent advertising.

Our Challenge

Our mission was to conjure a campaign befitting Halloween, Hell's cherished festival. Challenged to uphold their global persona, we set out to weave a narrative that's as dark, twisted, and irresistible as the very essence of Hell itself.

Our Insight

At Hell Pizza, Halloween just got a whole lot spookier and tastier! It is a well known fact that pizza is the optimal vessel for channeling spirits. Imagine sharing a pizza with friends, and the last slice becomes a playful tool to "conjure spirits" – talk about a dining experience with a twist! This interactive concept perfectly blends the supernatural charm of a Ouija board with the communal joy of pizza. It's all about embracing the edgy, memorable vibe that makes Hell Pizza stand out.

Our Answer

By fusing the supernatural vibes of a Ouija board with the shared experience of pizza, we've transformed a simple meal into a ritualistic feast. Our limited edition Ouija board-inspired pizza boxes make the last slice a playful tool for "conjuring spirits," capturing the essence of Halloween and creating shareable moments for those craving both delicious pizza and good times with friends. Elevating Hell Pizza's brand presence during the spooky season, we've reinforced its trailblazing status in unconventional marketing with a memorable, darkly humorous encounter.

Our Results

Our pizza box design won some awards, and we're proud that it got reviewed by the world's top Pizza Box collector.

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