UFO Hoax PR Stunt

As part of a PR stunt leading up to the re-launch of Vancouver’s Planetarium. To raise awareness about the vastly improved audience experience, we decided to execute a UFO hoax. We built a quadcopter drone that had been modified to look like the iconic UFO shaped building, we strategically released web cam photos and other sightings through social media. YouTube videos of a sighting at a minor league baseball game captured more than 1,000,000 hits in less than 2 weeks. The hoax was covered on such national US shows as “Fox and Friends” and “Good Morning America.” youtu.be/irItgeBZ7ds. One local newspaper attributed the home baseball team’s victory to the UFO’s presence.


    Vancouver Planetarium


    Out-of Home (OOH) PR Stunt


    Vancouver Planetarium Relaunch


Campaign Duration (Weeks)


Youtube Views


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