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Singularity University is a community centered around global learning and innovation, using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build a better future for all.

The Key Insight: Singularity University takes one’s potential to the next level by shaping their future and connecting with others in the global ecosystem.


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Let’s Talk About Your Project

Do you have a project or campaign to produce? We can help with your campaign deliver it on-time, within budget, and ensure it gets out the door and infront of your clients.

Let’s Talk About Your Idea

Do you have an exceptional idea but are not sure how to bring it life? We can work together to concept and design a campaign around it. Turning your idea into reality.

Let’s Talk About The Weather

Don’t have either a project or idea, no problem. Let’s chat about yoga, Uber, nutrition, or our infamous weather? Some of Vancouver’s most contentious topics.